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    Kim Gordon 1970

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    Jennifer Ringley, star of “JenniCam”, poses on the cover on Modern Ferret magazine #28. 

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    A bit of CamGirl history.

    Meet Jennifer Ringly, creator of Jennicam circa 1996-2003

    The first webcam girl.

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  4. show in paris this saturday w doradiamant

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    Clara Rockmore at the Theremin…

  7. Hannah Wilke-Intra Venus 1992/3 . 

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  8. "I am at my loneliest when I have something to celebrate
    and try to share it with those I love
    but who don’t love me back.
    —  Karen Finley, excerpt from “The Black Sheep” (via feellng)
  9. me being Katherine Botten the time she didn’t wanna do her poetry reading 

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    …in a 90’s kind a world, I’m glad I’ve got my girls.

  12. Alishas Attic - I am I feel 


  14. "I felt perfectly at home, nowhere."
    — Hélène Cixous (via lettersforburning)