1. i don think there r songs or words to describe what my friendship and collaborations with Nat have meant 2 me. She is sooo powerful and smart and i miss her.

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  2. This is v old but Megapeng is so cool for underground experimental girl music check them out

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  3. femmeasfuck:

    Me n @ktspit at Bei Ruth, Berlin.

    yr my person. u make me brave

  4. I’m gunna keep me all to myself

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  5. femmeasfuck:

    Abuse is really fucking hard.

    I have so much love for someone that is emotionally abusive with me. It’s complex bc there’s all this love but so much unhealthiness and pain. I get so scared that things won’t change n then I am so scared of letting that person go.

    I still have this bookmarked…

    ^My beautiful  brave friend who has always been so patient and wise and helped me thru so much trauma dealing with something i and i m sure so many people can relate to so much. 

    This is one of the best an clearest articles i have ever found about gaslighting and emotional abuse  

  6. Mariah Carey- Side Effects

    Forgive but I can’t forget,
    Every day I deal with this
    I live with the side effects
    But I ain’t gonna let them get the best of me

  7. 4give every1

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    1. during the day: we_are_never_ever_getting_back_together.mp3
    2. at night: marvins_room.mp3
  10. i don’t remember where we were but it was summer 

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  11. pansoph:

    it’s so nice being alive at the same time as you


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  12. @ Bei ruth in Berlin 


  13. image




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